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A robot arm motion controlled by c++


A robot arm motion controlled by c++

This was my graduation project in year 2000 using a german cross compiler with the aim to control the arm 5 axis movement in C++ .

I used an old motherboard that used a floppy disk. We used a floppy disk with the XDB debugging mode from CADUL cross compiler tools. Those allowed us to download our C++ code robot controlling code to the motherboard using a serial cable.

Instead of the RC servo controller, I used software to send a train of pulses from the parallel port to control the movement of the robot arm.

Basic working principles of mini servo motors. A small servo is a motor that converts electrical signals into mechanical motion. It is a rotary or a linear actuator capable of turning to a predetermined position, exactly as commanded. Servos can also stably hold and re-establish position.


  1. Funding was the biggest challenge

  2. Importing procedure was complicated in my country

  3. No servo controller

  4. No wheels for the robot


CADUL AG was sold to Intel after 1 year of completing the project.

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