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Crowd Health Monitoring

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Crowd Health Monitoring

A Crowd Health Monitoring System is a sophisticated technology and an alternative to the traditional management of patients and their health. It consists of a wearable wireless device like a bracelet with sensors that are paired with an application for a doctor to access the medical information of the patients.


The  solution consists of a medical band (collects steps, calories, sleeping hours, heart rate, skin temperature, SPO2, blood pressure ), mobile app for collecting the vital health signs from up to 360 bands per hour and a web dashboard for real time monitoring and users health history.

Diagram for crowd health  monitoring

Our solution can work in different modes based on the customer segment, for a single customer (one can choose the frequency of vital signs collection to be every 5 min or 30 min or 1 hour ) else for crowd monitoring the solution will work continuously around the clock to search and retrieve vital signs from bands within the scanning range. 

Crowd health monitoring App images

Our Tech stack is Laravel, Java and python. We use google cloud for AI models and Firebase for real-time App synchronization when crowd monitoring. Those technology can easily scale to support millions of users.

Smart watch

Crowd health tracker (B2G and B2B) solutions.will be used for automating the health monitoring of blue collars to cut the wasted work hours by 60% and tracking the health for millions of people respectively.

It is a portable solution that automate health monitoring for the crowd utilizing vital health signs & AI to predict the risk of diseases within the crowd accompanied by a 24/7 clinical monitoring team. It is a care that never quits.


Our Hajj Health tracker (  modified version of our Crowd health Monitor) was among the finalist in an intenational contest (KAUST  Challenge ) to solve specific health issues faced by the government and we were among the 11 finalist from 1300 companies around the world.

Kaust Health Challange


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