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Upgrading an AWCS solution in Finland


Upgrading an AWCS solution in Finland

In Vuores, the suburb of the Finnish city of Tampere, the MetroTaifun® automatic waste collection system (AWCS), has taken care of waste collection since July 2012. The Vuores suburb is a vibrant and developing district, designed according to the modern urban infrastructure, while respecting the nature and landscape. The area will be the future home for 13,000 inhabitants, creating 1.9 million kg of residential waste and 650,000 kg of office waste annually.


AWCS image - copyright marimatic

When planning the Vuores suburb, the city of Tampere recognized that a pipeline for waste collection could significantly reduce the environmental impact in the area, with no need for traditional garbage pick-up.The MetroTaifun AWCS was chosen mainly based on its advanced technology and smaller pipe size, enabling easier, faster and cheaper installation, not to mention operation with less energy consumption compared to both traditional AWCS as well as collection with garbage trucks and bins.

how it cworks

MetroTaifun, which is delivered and maintained by MariMatic Oy, conveys municipal waste from the households and offices. Pirkan Putkikeräys Oy (Pirkka Pneumatic Waste Collection Ltd.) is a subsidiary to Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy (Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd.). Pirkan Putkikeräys is responsible for investment and maintenance of the AWCS, and Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto provides services such as waste management, customer service and communications.

The upgrade work was for adding new inlets to the system as new houses are built in the city.


AWCS pipes Finalnd

The Awcs pipe system installed in the city got leaks so some of the tests done was to fix the leakage and improve the vacuuming efficency 


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