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Data Science | Road Map | Algorithms | Computer Science | Python Tutoring | Malaysia

Data Science | Road Map | Algorithms | Computer Science | Python Tutoring | Malaysia

What is Data Scicnce ?

  • “…a field that deals with unstructured, structured data, and semi-structured data. It involves practices like data cleansing, data preparation, data analysis, and much more.


  • Data science is the combination of statistics, mathematics, programming, and problem-solving; capturing data in ingenious ways; the ability to look at things differently; and the activity of cleansing, preparing, and aligning data.”


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What you need to learn to become a Data Scientist ?

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Probability

  • Python (OOP + Pandas + Numpy + Scipy)

  • Data Cleaning: One of the MOST important skills that you need to master to become a good data scientist, you need to practice on many datasets to master it.

  • Data Visualization (using Matplotlib and seaborn )

  • Dashboards (Tableau)

  • SQL and DB (SQL for Data Analysis)

  • Time Series Analysis

  • DataSets

  • End to End Data Scicnce Project


List of classes & the asscociated slides & codes  :

1) Class 8 (25Oct ):

     a) Video : Part 1 (Intro into Python & function Excer.),               

     b) Files: N/A

     c) Class Code: Class 1

     d) Excercises : N/A

2) Class 2 (1 Nov. ):

     a) Video : Part 1 (Solving Programming Problems methods), 

                      Part 2 (Using Lists & Print Statements) 

                      Part 3 (Using Random Gen, Range, List slicing), 

                      Part 4 ( using Remove and append methods + List Exercises ) 

     b) Files: GDrive

     c) Class Code: Class 2

     d) Excercises : Lists Excer 

* You can run the file on your computer or you can regsiter a free account on https://replit.com to modify the source code, in this case you will need to rename the file as main.py

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