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Looking for resources to help you study for O-Level and 0478?

Looking for resources to help you study for O-Level and 0478?

A 0478 Resources Collection: The Ultimate Guide to Studying for Computer Science

Are you looking for the best resources to help you study for O Level 0478? You've come to the right place! In this blog post, we've compiled a list of the best resources available to help you succeed in your studies. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced student, we have something for everyone.



1) IGCSE revision wordpress  

2) Computer notes G-drive

3) FAQs for IGCSE Computer Science

4) Z-Notes

Youtube Channels:

1) learning Tech

2) Liam

3)  Paper 1 sylbus revision (2 hrs)



Reddit Posts:

1) Exam prediction

2) Detailed notes

3) Paper Discussion

4) Mark schemes

5) Z-notes

6) How to study

7) Study Advice 

8) Databases Question /data types

9) paper  advice

10 )  Rushing Start

11) Paper 12 dicussion 

12) Studying tips

13) KelesyEd Video links (mostly for paper 1)


Papers Dock PDF:


Pseudo Questions:

1) Edu TV

 Past Exams :

1) GCEGuide 

2) Exam by topic 

3) March 2023 /paper 2

4) March 2023 /paper 2 - mark Scheme

5) March 2023 /paper 2 - Question

6) March 2023 / paper 21

7) March 2023 / paper 21 -mark scheme 

8) Edu TV pas papers 0478


Python Codes:

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