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Ahmed Elmalla
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Ahmed Elmalla


Computer Science Tutor with focus on python, java and pseudo code

Computer Science Tutor with focus on python, java and pseudo code

I have over 20 years of experience in both teaching & in completing computer science projects with certificates from Stanford, Alberta, Pennsylvania, California Irvine universities.

I teach the following subjects:
1) IGCSE A-level 9618 / AS-Level
2) AP Computer Science exam A
3) Python (basics, automating staff, Data Analysis, AI & Flask)
4) Java (using Duke University syllabus)
5) Descriptive statistics using SQL
6) PHP, SQL, MYSQL & Codeigniter framework (using University of Michigan syllabus)
7) Android Apps development using Java

8) C / C++ (using University of Colorado syllabus)

Here are my Students testimonials  : https://elmalla.info/blog/48-Students-testimony and on https://www.superprof.com.my/ir/26571560-8c328

Here is a summary of my experience:

* 4+ years of experience in Android app development using java.
* 7+ years of experience in Website & PHP development.
* 7+ years of experience in Machine Vision development.
* 6+ years of experience in Automation using C++, VB6, C# and PLC.
* 2+ years of experience in Data Analysis using python.

In addition to my computer engineering degree, I also

*Studied AI in healthcare in Stanford university
*Studied Software product management in university of Alberta
*Studied Effective Problem solving & Decision making in university of California Irvine (UCI)
*Studied Learning how to learn with Barbra Oaklay from Oakland University

*Studied Learning how to learn with Barbra Oaklay from Oakland University

*Certified in Android development from Udacity.
*Certified in Data Analysis from Udacity.

Teaching experience:
* Trained around 50+ students in different IT subjects (C++, CCNA, Linux) from scratch.
*Taught Java to AP CS A students, German University students and working professionals.
*Taught python, pseudo code & best studying practices to IGCSE students.
*Taught VB6 programming to Oil & gas working professionals.


Check recorded Trial Classes:
1) A-Level Trial Class (Python)
2) AS level Trial Class (Python + PSEUDO Code)

3) 0478/ O-level Trial Class (Project Show cases + Assembly Language + Flowcharts)

4) AI & Data Science class (Malaysian graduate)


I teach on the following platforms:
1) https://www.teacheron.com/tutor-profile/6ZTs?r=6ZTs
2) https://preply.com/en/?pref=ODM4MDEwOA==&id=1684246917.787639
3) https://www.superprof.com.my/ir/26571560-8c328
4) https://www.apprentus.com/en/private-lessons/online/computers-electronics/computer-science/computer-science-programing-tutor-igcse-ap
5) https://golearn.com.my/tutor/?tid=KzYwMTk0MDI4NDg0

Project Portfolio :
1) CMS using PHP & MVC
2) Android Apps for tracking patient health using Java
3) Desktop applications using Visual Basic
4) Automation software using Omron PLC
5) Machine Vision Applications using C#


Book your 30 min free trial class here or ask me anything and i will be happy to answer you 

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