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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

What parents of an AP CS A student wrote about me:

"Mr. Ahmed is dedicated to helping my daughter achieve her goals and is able to easily explain difficult concepts. He also provided useful practice materials which truly helped. Very encouraging and supportive of his students. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a computer science tutor. I’m immensely grateful for his guidance and expertise."


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Sample trial Classes:

3) 0478 IGCSE class (US student)
4) AI & Data Science class (Malaysian graduate)


Also read what the mother wrote to me after 26 days of teaching her daughter:

"Thank you so much Mr. Ahmed for taking the time to teach and help Victoria to prepare for this exam. It is very much appreciated "


Thank you for helping my daughter

Here is what an IGCSE Computer Science A-level student in Malaysia wrote about me:


A testmonial  from an IGCSE AS-level student from kuwait :


A testmonial from an IGCSE O-level 0478 student from US :


A testmonial from a George Mason University student in US :


george manson university


Malaysian undergraduate Student requested help in her Facial Recognition Project:

Alia Review on SuperProf Website


Malaysian Student who are doing a career Shift towards Data science


Wan Liked my method of simplifying the subject


Guardians & students testimonials on SuperProf platform:


If you're serious about improving your CS skills then you need to read our tutor testimonials here


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