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Gaining Access to Accelerators in KSA

Gaining Access to Accelerators in KSA

The Saudi Arabian government has been taking steps to encourage entrepreneurship, as well as facilitate growth in the startup ecosystem. One of the initiatives taken is to provide access to accelerators in KSA.

In order for startups to be accepted into a Saudi accelerator program, they must first apply and be accepted by the accelerator itself. The next step is for startups to apply for an Entrepreneur Visa from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once both these processes are complete, startups will be able to participate in a Saudi accelerator program.

The process of applying for an Entrepreneur Visa from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs can take up to 6 months before it is issued and companies are allowed entry into KSA.

I personally applied for challanges from KAUST which is open for all nationalities. the team is well oragnized with excellent communication skills. But should know that weight and priority will be given local participants if there is a competition.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country with great potential for innovation and growth. The government has been providing the necessary environment for startups to thrive, through the introduction of many initiatives such as KACST, which provides support to startups by offering them access to accelerators.

KACST is an organization that was established in 2014 with the objective of supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. They provide support to startups by offering them access to accelerators.

One of my projects got funded by KACST Accerlator in 2021 and i dealt with some professionals working there but I would say KAUST is more organized with better communication skills.

In general KSA is less saturated than Dubai which means more opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Opening companies in KSA is still costy but it is nothing compared to the cheap living cost in KSA comapred to Dubai for example.



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