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Python OOP Course Private Sessions resources

Python OOP Course Private Sessions…

Sep 17, 2023 In Lessons

A private tuition class resources like video's, class code and exercises

IGCSE 0478 Private Sessions resources

IGCSE 0478 Private Sessions resources

Sep 18, 2023 In Lessons

Python & pseudo code with all class resources for private tuition

Road map to Data Science specialization

Road map to Data Science specialization

Aug 20, 2023 In Lessons

Recommended Courses to gain the knowledge in Data Science

Looking for resources to help you study for O-Level and 0478?

Looking for resources to help…

Aug 28, 2023 In Lessons

We've compiled a list of the best resources available to help you pass

IGCSE Resources compiled in all subjects PDF & google drive

IGCSE Resources compiled in all…

Aug 10, 2023 In Lessons

A Level, IGCSE, BTEC, IB PDF files stored on websites or google drives

Python Tutor Sessions with promo Code

Python Tutor Sessions with promo…

Sep 04, 2023 In Lessons

I'm available on WhatsApp if you have any questions