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Ahmed Elmalla
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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Nov 02, 2023 In learning

I simplify programing knowledge to my students

Which Universities I studied at ?

Which Universities I studied at…

May 29, 2023 In learning

I studied in Stanford, Alberta and University Of California Irvine

Why python is important ?

Why python is important ?

May 28, 2023 In learning

Python is a flexible language that can be used for a wide variety of tasks

Why children should learn programing ?

Why children should learn programing…

May 27, 2023 In learning

Programing enhance your child creativity, Attention to detail, Persistence, Self-confidence

Teaching working professionals is tough but Why ?

Teaching working professionals…

Apr 21, 2023 In learning

Working professional take courses to improve their knowledge

Why should you avoid investing much time learning Java ?

Why should you avoid investing…

Apr 21, 2023 In learning

Java was in the hotspot more than 17 years ago but now ..